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Beeco wraps

Beeco Food Wraps are available in different sizes according to need.
These range from our giant for bread to the smallest for storing small fruit and vegetables.
The colours will be a SURPRISE... chosen directly from our assortment of fun and super colourful patterns! 

20×20cm - 25×25cm - 35×35cm
27.00 CHF
18.00 CHF
19.00 CHF
15x15cm - 20x20cm - 25×25cm - 35×35cm - 40x30cm
42.00 CHF
6.00 CHF

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Zero waste

Mom & Baby


gift boxes


Are you looking for an ecologic gadget?
A corporate gift different from tha usual?
Would you like to customise our Beeco Wraps with your company logo?
Tell us your idea and we will develop something beautiful together!


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