Beeco wraps

Beeco Wraps are the environmentally friendly and smart alternative to cling film, plastic and aluminium containers for food storage.

A sustainable way to preserve your food, because good food deserves good treatment.

Convenience and practicality make Beeco Wraps the perfect method to reduce plastic in our kitchens and the environmental impact in our land and seas.

We produce every single wrap by hand with love using quality natural raw materials.

Beeco wraps keep your food FRESH and CRUNCHY for longer, thanks to the anti-bacterial properties of beeswax, and can be used for more than a year if treated with care.

It’s small steps like this that can help create a better world.

SAVE freshness and SAVE the environment! 


For our wraps we only use 100% certified cotton GOTS .

The GOTS is recognized as the most important standard for the sustainable production of textile products made with natural fibers from organic farming such as organic cotton or organic wool.

Cotton is one of the fabrics for which many pesticides are used, with the GOTS certification we guarantee the absence of the latter and this allows us to guarantee our customers a safe and eco-friendly product. The Global Organic Textile Standard was developed by leading international organizations in organic agriculture in order to guarantee the consumer that organic textile products are obtained in compliance with stringent environmental and social criteria applied at all levels of production, from the collection in the field of natural fibers to the subsequent manufacturing stages, up to the labeling of the finished product.


More and more frequently we are asked about the ingredients used in the production of our Beeco Wraps, and we therefore find it right to give you more information about them, so that you can be informed before you buy them for yourself and your family.

Below you will find the four simple ingredients we use and also the reasons why we have chosen them.

If you have any doubts about your allergies, we recommend that you discuss them with your doctor.


We use 100% pure operculum beeswax. Our wax is melted, melted and sterelized in Sementin. This ensures that the wax meets the standards for use in contact with food. As with all beeswaxes, there is a naturally occurring propolis component. Some people may be allergic to propolis, usually those who are already allergic to honey or other bee products. However, allergies from bee stings and propolis allergies are not related to each other. If you are allergic to propolis, we do not recommend that you buy our wraps without first consulting your doctor.

Damar resin/damar rubber

Damar resin makes our waxed wraps particularly unique compared to the competition or DIY solutions.
Beeco wraps are completely free of pine resin, also known as rosin, or pine gum. This resin (often used in the production of waxed wraps) is not recommended for food use in Switzerland.

We would have liked to use a local resin such as pine resin in order to have as local a product as possible, but we consider the safety of our consumers to be more important and by using damar resin we can guarantee a product that is certified for food use and safe to 100% as there are no known allergies or adverse reactions to this resin and it is approved as a food additive.

Damar resin (the name is a Malay word meaning "resin torch") is a natural resin of plant origin, obtained from trees of the Dipterocarpaceae family found in India, East Asia and as far as New Zealand
. It has the appearance of pale ivory-yellow, soft and crumbly granules with a characteristic odour. Dammar trees are sustainably cultivated by farmers in agroforests in southern Java and Sumatra, Indonesia.
The harvesting of dammar resin has become the outstanding alternative to deforestation, and this industrial practice is responsible for keeping most of the Javanese rainforests alive and has given control of the land to the farmers who own it.

Coconut oil

Our coconut oil is organic. The oil is extracted by pressing the copra, dried to reduce the moisture content. The yield is particularly high as the dried copra contains 60 to 67% oil. Coconut oil is used to reduce the melting point, so it is easier to wrap the food. It also makes the wraps slightly stickier and therefore helps Beeco Wraps to better adapt to your food.



The prints of our fabrics are certified by intertek green leaf.


We only use GOTS certified cotton for our Beeco Wraps


Our packs are in certified cardboard for food products.


Our packaging chips are 100% ecological. They are made of corn and you can then dissolve them in the sink, or in a bucket of water and use them as fertilizer for your plants! Obviously they are always useful also to be reused for other expeditions or to do chores with children.


We have a safety data sheet that guarantees the suitability of our Wraps for food use.

Use us to wrap cheese, half a lemon, a crusty loaf of bread, a piece of cut fruit or vegetable… For covering bowls, cups , plates you need to cover or protect before serving or store it in the fridge, or again to pack a snack for your next adventure.

There are no limits in the use of Beeco Wraps!

Just use your imagination and if you come up with any clever idea just let me know 😉 

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Wrap us

We are self-adhesive, so just use the pressure and warmth of your hands to shape and mold Beeco over or around food you need to cover, store or protect.

Wash Us

Hand-wash us in cool water with mild soap (eco-friendly is best) and a soft sponge for the longest lifespan.Let us air-dry and store us with your tea towels till next time. Towel dry for immediate use.

Re-use us

with proper care you can expect us to last over a year.

Take care of us


  1. Allow food to cool slightly before covering and avoid placing hot food directly on us.
  2. We are not suitable for the dishwasher, oven, microwave oven, and direct heat or high temperatures.
  3. We’re fine and proven for cheese, but avoid wrapping raw meat, fish or egg in us, as you can not use water over 60 C° (140 F) to wash us.
  4. We are fine for wrapping cheese but avoid using us to cover or wrap raw meat, fish and eggs, as you cannot use water at more than 60°C for washing.
  5. Store us in your tea towel drawer, we'll be fine there!
  6. At the end of your wrap’s useful life in the kitchen, cut the wrap into strips to add to your compost heap, or wrap them around pieces of kindling and use as a natural and effective fire starter.

Each wrap is produced by hand in our studio in Sementina. 

Every ingredient used comes from the earth and will return to it without a trace.

You can then either throw the wrap into the mixture or cut it into strips and use it to light a fire!

From start to finish, we pay close attention to the products and materials we use in the production process of our wraps. Our fabrics are GOTS certified. Our wax is 100% pure and comes from a local producer who does not use pesticides.

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