For our wraps we only use 100% certified cotton GOTS .

The GOTS is recognized as the most important standard for the sustainable production of textile products made with natural fibers from organic farming such as organic cotton or organic wool.

Cotton is one of the fabrics for which many pesticides are used, with the GOTS certification we guarantee the absence of the latter and this allows us to guarantee our customers a safe and eco-friendly product.
The Global Organic Textile Standard was developed by leading international organizations in organic agriculture in order to guarantee the consumer that organic textile products are obtained in compliance with stringent environmental and social criteria applied at all levels of production, from the collection in the field of natural fibers to the subsequent manufacturing stages, up to the labeling of the finished product.


Packing chips

our packaging chips are 100% ecological. They are made of corn and you can then dissolve them in the sink, or in a bucket of water and use them as fertilizer for your plants! Obviously they are always useful also to be reused for other expeditions or to do chores with children.


The prints of our fabrics are certified by intertek green leaf.


We only use GOTS certified cotton for our Beeco Wraps


Our packs are in certified cardboard for food products.

Product certification

We have a safety data sheet that guarantees the suitability of our Wraps for food use.

Beeco wraps

Come utilizzarci

Non ci sono limiti nell’utilizzo dei Beeco Wraps!


Produciamo i nostri Beeco Wraps con pura cera d’api.


Ogni wrap viene prodotto a mano nel nostro studio a Sementina.


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