Short story 

My name is Lisa Panigada, I am a girl who loves our planet and the nature it offers us! For this reason, attention to ecology and recycling has grown in me more and more over the years, where I have gradually tried to improve my lifestyle in a more sustainable direction for our planet.

I met food wraps in 2016 on a trip to Australia and immediately fell in love with it. From here in the September 2017 the idea of producing them and making them known also in our latitudes was born.

After having therefore experimented with various blends and types of production, I found the ideal formula and in January 2018 I founded Beeco Wraps. The first wraps were born directly in my kitchen, in the magnificent Vallemaggia.

We now have a small studio in Sementina, inside a wonderful caravan that my dad personally modified to make it suitable for production.

The idea was to share the philosophy of using alternatives to plastic with as many people as possible, thus reducing their use in our homes.

I really want people to understand that small gestures, when multiplied by millions of people, can really improve the world!

I must say that we immediately had a great response from people, who with great enthusiasm supported us with a fantastic word of mouth, and this is what made us say: YES, we must go on.

Mine is a small family run business. The environment is very important to me when I work, and with the family there is always a fun atmosphere and good vibes.

I could never have created all this alone … the support of my parents, my brother and my dad’s partner were really fundamental.

They supported me from the beginning both in production and in promotion to local markets and fairs and today we are still committed to offering you a product of the best possible quality! 

We make every single wrap by hand with natural organic ingredients, GOTS certified cotton and a lot of passion!

Food wraps are not only a fantastic alternative to plastic film, but they are also a perfect food preservative thanks to the antibacterial properties of beeswax.

Your food will stay fresh and crunchy much longer than in any other packaging. Seeing is believing!

Beeco Wraps … our vision, our mission !!

SAVE freshness SAVE the environment

Small gestures like this, if multiplied by millions of people, can transform and improve the world!


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