Beeco wraps are the natural, reusable, alternative to plastic wrap, plastic containers and aluminium foil for food storage. A sustainable method of wrapping your food.

Because Good food deserves Good care


Ease and practicality make BEECO wraps the perfect method to reduce plastic and the impact on our land and sea.

We hand craft each of our wraps with natural materials and love. They make your food last longer, look amazing and can be used over and over again.

It’s small steps like these that helps making a better world.


SAVE freshness and SAVE the environment!

How to use us

Use us to wrap cheese, half a lemon, a crusty loaf of bread, and cut fruit and vegetables…

For covering bowls, cups , plates you need to cover or protect before serving or store it in the fridge, or again to pack a snack for your next adventure.


There are no limits in the use of Beeco Wraps… :) just use your imagination and if you come up with any claver idea just let me know ;)

Wrap us


It’s self-adhesive, so just use the pressure and warmth of your hands to shape and mold Beeco over or around food you need to cover, store or protect.


Wash us


Hand wash us in cool water with mild soap (eco-friendly is best) and a soft sponge for the longest lifespan.

Let us air dry and put us with your tea towels till next time. Towel dry for immediate use.


Re use us


Remember… with proper care you can expect us to last over a year.

Simply wrap, wash and reuse us again and again.


Care about us


  • Allow food to cool slightly before covering and avoid placing hot food directly on us.
  • We are not suitable for the dishwasher, oven, microwave oven, and direct heat or high temperatures.
  • We’re fine and proven for cheese, but avoid wrapping raw meat or egg in us, as you can not use water over 60 C° (140 F) to wash us.
  • If you use us in the freezer, take a moment to let us come to room temperature before unwrapping
  • Store us in your tea towel drawer.
  • At the end of your wrap’s useful life in the kitchen, cut the wrap into strips to add to your compost heap, or wrap them around pieces of kindling and use as a natural and effective fire starter.



We make our Beeco wraps from 100% organic cotton GOTS, pure beeswax, organic coconut oil, tree resin and love.

Beeswax has amazing antibacterial properties that aid in keeping your food fresh for longer.

The coconut oil and tree resin make our wraps sticky so they shape to your food.



Each Beeco wrap is handmade in our studio in Sementina.


Every ingredient used comes from the earth and will return to it without a trace.

From start to finish, we pay close attention to the ingredients and materials we use in our production process. Our fabric and printing is certified by the Oeko-TEX Standard 100



Reusable food wraps

handmade with love.